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I know this website doesn't look like much, after all it's only words on a page.
The main reason I wanted to create this page is to bridge the gap between
my fellow webmasters and myself by opening up a link exchange dialogue.

I have a pretty large number of domains with and without PR at my disposal.
I own PR n/a through PR2 domains. I also own blogs. So if you're interested
in exchanging reviews then I may be also.
I know that I can come up with a creative way to accomplish mutually beneficial link exchanges.

My proposal begins with finding out what you have to trade. Niche, PR and domain age
will play a factor in determining whether or not we can trade links. I am not someone
who adheres to the guideline of staying within my own niche for every link.
I just like to know what type of site one of my domains will be linked to or from.

A link exchange is just what it sounds like. I give you a link in exchange for a link.
That is what's known as a reciprocal link exchange. I personally prefer a 3 way
link exchange which means I give you a link on one domain and you place a link
on your site to another domain I own. If you're a seasoned webmaster then you
know what I'm talking about.

If you are interested in a 3 way link or reciprocal link exchange then send me
an email. Tell me what you're looking for (blog review exchange, text link, banner ad)
and what you have to trade.

Email me rob[at]

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